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Many growing pet care businesses have valuable business and customer information that is trapped in inadequate software. Re-inputting that data into new software can be tedious and time-consuming. To help you with that process, K9 Sky Software can extract your data from your current system and import it into your new system. We work to quickly understand your specific data requirements, map them to your existing data sources, and transfer your data. Our team can also convert many of your manual files if properly formatted from applications like Microsoft Excel.

We can import data from most pet care software currently on the market, as well as in-house databases, depending on the type and condition of your new system.  Our data import specialists can transfer customer information, pet information, reservations, and retail inventory.  If you have any questions about whether or not your data can be transferred, contact our support team.

Make the simple switch to K9 Bytes software today! The transfer process is quick and easy. 

All systems are different and it can vary the transfer time. System Requirements are listed to help let you know what you will need.