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K9 Bytes® University: Product Training

K9 Bytes® Software is the leading industry provider of online and onsite software training. We offer manuals, customer support, and online or onsite training. See the chart below for available training classes or contact us to find out how you can train the members of your organization. Want to talk about different training options? Please contact our training representatives.

Training Programs Comparison and Availability
Type of Training Session Weekdays Weekends Notice (*) Rates Billed (**)
Online Training 
(7:00 AM to 5:00 PM ET)
On-Request 2 See Store Per hour
Online Training 
(Any other hours)
On-Request 3 See Store Per hour
On-site Training 7 See Store Per 8-hour day

(*) Training sessions need to be scheduled in advance. Notice is the number of business days in advance required. Example, for a session for Thursday (regular hours), it has to be scheduled on Monday (two business days in between).

(**) Training sessions are paid in advance. Sessions are paid for when scheduled.

Online Training
Our most affordable training opportunities use state-of-the-art technological meeting tools, using phone and the web to connect you and your staff with our trainers. This cost-effective training opportunity lets us address the needs of computer savvy employees as well as less experienced ones who may need more intensive training. We can also conduct an online training session with a virtual connection through your computer. To learn more see  Remote Tech Support Services

On-site Training
The on-site training program is available almost anywhere. It is a particularly cost-effective approach when training small or large groups of employees. Our trainers are highly proficient in the use of all our software as well as savvy in the day-to-day operations of the pet care industry. Training sessions are scheduled for a set of days convenient to you, your staff, and your business, including evenings and weekends.

Operations Assessment
With our operations assessment program we can get your institution started on the right track. Any pet care business can benefit from this program. We analyze how you use K9 Bytes® Software products and suggest ways to use it more effectively. We can also offer an operations assessment on a one time basis or as an ongoing process to help you enhance your business practices. A typical assessment session takes about 30 minutes to complete.

Training Request Form

Download form here. Please contact our sales department before to expedite this process.