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Pet Sitters vs. Pet Kennels
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Dog Daycare Centers - A Good Choice for Dog Owners

Jun 23

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6/23/2016 2:06 PM  RssIcon

Many pet owners wonder about where to leave their dogs when they go on vacation. While pet friendly accommodations have increased hugely in recent years, pet daycare centers and nurseries continue to be a good option when owners have to leave home for several days, and don’t have someone else who can provide temporary care to their dog.

Some dog daycare centers offer all the comforts of home including health care, food and toys, etc. Others provide only the space and basic necessities so that owners can drop their dogs off before heading off to work. But before choosing a good dog daycare, first you need to determine if your dog really need a daycare center.

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Why Leave Your Dog At Daycare Center?

The following are some great reasons why pet owners should leave their dogs at dog daycare centers:

1.  At daycare, your dog gets all the attention and care

2.  You dog can play with other dogs

3.  Dog owner can go out on vacation or come home late from work without worrying about the dog

4.  Daycare provides your dog necessary outdoor walk and exercises

5.  Leaving your dog at daycare is more affordable than providing complete care at home

6.  Some daycare centers also provide dog grooming facility

7.   Daycare centers are great for socialization. Your dog can be around his own kind

8.   Daycare is a good idea to change your dog’s routine at least once a week

Now that you decide your dog needs a daycare center, the next thing you need to do is to choose the best daycare for your dog.

How to Choose a Good Day care Centers?

Here are some important points that you should check before selecting a daycare:

1.   Proper and clean places for dogs to stay and play

2.   Kennel surfaces should be non-porous and durable to facilitate cleaning

3.   A large enough entry so dog owners can drop off their dogs easily

4.   Individual cage so dogs have their own space, and avoid fighting or other possible accidents

5.   Complete health care to ensure it meets regulatory guidelines, and provide vaccination for internal and external parasites

6.   Should be selective about doggie food, and have experts choose the best feed for every specific dog

7.   Entertainment activities, rest areas and separated play spaces

8.   Provide daily routines such as cleaning, grooming, walking, exercises and games

9.   Good ventilation and air exchange

10.  Proper cooling and heating system for both summer and winter

11.  Good online tools, such as K9Bytes kennel software online booking and reservation system, to make it convenient for dog owners to book kennels online and pay online with credit cards

12.   Should have dog training professionals to provide basic training or advanced training if needed

13.   Fresh, clean water should be available in play areas and individual kennels.


Daycare is a great idea for dogs to get exercise and social enrichment. Dog training professionals say that dog needs regular outside walks to socialize with other dogs, and engage in mental stimulation and physical exercise. The point of the daycare center is to provide your dog with a reasonable amount of play and social time, not to overtire but to emphasize - a dog well exercised causes less troubles.

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