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Get the tools you need for your pet grooming business. K9 Koordinator Groomer gives you scheduling, booking and mobile features. What can you do with K9 Koordinator?
Pet Grooming Features

Easily manage scheduling, pet and customer information, and point of sales services. K9 Bytes offers help with all grooming management needs. Reservations can easily be made by users or can be set up to let customers reserve for themselves. The mobile feature also brings your business with you on the go. And all features can be integrated to the mailing system to give appointment reminders, revisit flyers, or anything to keep your customers in the know. 

Our software offers the following important grooming features:
Mobile Groomig Software - Grooming Reservations Software
Grooming Reservations

- Offer fast scheduling.
- Offer user friendly reservation and booking features.
- Provide the option for scheduling grooming reservations up to a year in advance.
- Schedule multiple pets for the same customer.
- Book single or multiple bookings for the same day.
- Send automatic email reminders when reservations are made.

Mobile Grooming

- Create mobile grooming groups according to areas you cover.
- Assign the mobile groom portal to each groomer or van in your business.
- Email daily groom schedules directly to your groomers or vans.
- Create different vacancy options for mobile groomers and on location groomers.

Groomer's Features

- Allow customers to select a preferred groomer or assign a groomer as their default groomer.
- Automate alerts when groomers or time slots are double booked.
- Set limits for groomers on the number of pets they can groom.
- Set up a default assignment of groomers to breeds that they have expertise with.
- Give customers the choice to schedule a reservation online.
- Create a booking schedule that covers all types of offered services using Vacancy Screen.
- Customize scheduling blocks according to the length of time for each service.
- Create a system to determine charge per hour based on breed, pet’s health, amount of grooming requested or other guidelines set by user.
- Customize message that will appear on customer’s bills.
- Automatically recommend next grooming date on bill
- Send grooming reservation reminders with our mailing system, including emails, postcards or letters.
- Create complete grooming history files for each pet.


-Set business wide commisssion system or commission based on groomer experience, expertise etc...

-Create a tiered commission system with up to 3 different bonus levels different commission bonuses for groomers that make over a certain amount of money for the kennel.

-Set bonuses payable as a fixed amount or percentage of total pet business sales