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Pet and Doggy Daycare Features
You offer pet or doggy daycare as part or all of your business. You need to manage schedules, individual pet information, customer information, and payment services. K9Bytes software applications offers full support for all types of daycare services. Customers love that their pets socialize, get healthy entertainment, and exercise while they go to work. We give you the tools to streamline your service. We also offer you features such as email reports and photos as well as the ability to gather customer feedback. Mobile Groomig Software - Grooming Reservations Software

Daycare Groups

- Set up unlimited daycare groups each with individual rates and limits.
- Create payment structure as a standard fee, per group (customizable to your business), or hourly.

Daycare Appointments

- Provide fast web based scheduling
- Book multiple pets from the same family at once
- Book multiple reservations in advance (for example, book reservation for every Wednesday for the whole year)
- Check in pets on a walk in basis

Daycare Packages

- Create packages to fit your business and clientele with explanations of which services are included and what they entail

- Create unlimited packages with different limits, rates, and expiration dates

- Offer special deals or discounts on frequent visits, holidays, or other criteria

- Create customer accounts to keep on file and track which services they purchase

- Accept payment online or at time of service

- Set up commission opportunities for package sales


- Schedule grooming, training, and other additional services
- Create custom messages for daycare pets to print out on billing statements
- Attach services or retail sales to be paid at check out or added to the customer's account for future payment
- Offer a vacancy screen for daycare groups (similar to the groomer's vacancy screen)
- Automate the types of services you offer and set up discounts and package offers to be applied without manual entry

- Add information about the types of services you offer and what the services include
- Use our mailing system to print or email postcards, thank you notes, reservations reminders, and so much more. Use premade templates or create your own

– Includes an easy to use mailing system.

Track Pet Daycare Behavior

- Keep track of daily pet behavior by creating and labeling incidents as neutral, positive, or negative to create a searchable history of each pet's behavior history.
- Print or email report cards, including daily daycare comments, photos, and much more!