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Boarding Reservation

-Customers can set up multiple pet reservations.
-Set up vaccination alerts when making reservations.
-Collect deposits for reservations and roll over unused deposits if desired.
-Create waiting lists up to one year in advance.
-Customers can also be prioritized on first-come-first-serve basis or on custom criteria.

Accommodations: Recreation Areas & Suites

-Input your own floor plan to better view recreation areas and pet suites.
-Assign dog runs or transfer them automatically.
-Add information for customers about each type of run space.
-Auto-assign runs based on the pet's weight, size, or other specifics you choose.
-Create run reservations for one or multiple pet locations.
-Book a pet as a guest or as a reserved status, like VIP.
-Set up recreation reservations to occur automatically based on criteria you set.


-Schedule services, diets, medications and exercise along with stay reservations before or after the pet checks in.
-Manage feeding times for morning, afternoon or evening.
-Manage when medications will be administered and instructions can be included for each dosage. Specifics can be tailored for your needs.

Customer and Pets Information
-Display customer status such as reservation times and no-shows.
-Keep unlimited notes for a particular pet to record visits, behavior or any special instructions that pet might have.
-Customize customer profiles and payment methods
-Manage customer information: tax-exempt, military, senior citizens, etc.
-Automatically fill in kennel contract with the customer and lists of pets' information.
-Keep track of required documentation, vaccinations and other necessary records.