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K9 Koordinator: Management software for boarding, daycare, grooming, training, and other pet care services
Easily manage scheduling, customer and pet information, your various product and service offerings, and point of sale services. K9 Koordinator is a complete management system for pet resorts, boarding kennels, pet daycare centers, pet sitters, dog walkers, grooming shops, and mobile groomers.

K9 Koordinator offers state-of-the-art features: webcam integration, mobile credit and gift card processing, automatic backup utility, and customizable kennel layout for run assignments. Our easy-to-use interface can streamline your pet business. Schedule a Live Demo to see all that our product has to offer.
Software Track Record

The K9 Koordinator has over 20 years of development and usage in the pet care industry. Our latest version was tested for months at 6 beta-tester facilities. We are constantly upgrading out software to meet the needs of today's pet businesses.

Who can use K9 Koordinator?
K9 Koordinator is customizable to a variety of pet businesses and services. Our customers include boarding kennels, grooming shops, mobile groomers, trainers, dog walking services, pet sitting services, animal hospitals, shelters, rescue organizations, and pet retailers.
K9 Koordinator Packages and Versions
K9 Bytes® Software is available for use anywhere with an internet connection. All versions can print receipts in Portuguese, French, Italian, German, English, and Spanish. We also offer support for GST tax, A4 paper format capability, automatic zip code and city retrieval.
K9 Bytes® offers three versions of the K9 Koordinator management software. Each version is targeted to fit the business size, number of employees, and budget of your facility. For smaller facilities we offer the LITE version, for larger ones we offer the PRO or NET version depending on how many terminals you might need to run your business effectively. Note that you can always upgrade from one package to the next one as your business grows.

K9 Koordinator LITE, PRO, and NET versions offer all capabilities for boarding, daycare, grooming, pet care services, training, and retail. Some features may be "hidden" depending on the level of service you purchased. Expand your business by purchasing the higher version of the software. We don't charge by module or feature so you get a high value product with one low cost. For current K9 Koordinator prices, please visit our online store.

The K9 Koordinator Groomer LITE, PRO, and NET are designed for grooming shops and salons that don't provide boarding, daycare, pet training, or other pet care services. For current Groomer version prices please visit our online store.

Product Capabilities Comparison
K9 Koordinator Version Boarding Daycare Grooming* Services** Retail Pet Training Unlimited Customers Unlimited Computer
LITE (start-up facilities) Limit to 600 Customers** Only 1 License*
PRO (small facilities) Only 1 License*
NET (medium facilities) Up to 5 computers
Corporate (large facilities***)
Groomer LITE         Limit to 600 Customers** Only 1 License*
Groomer PRO         Only 1 License*
Groomer NET         Up to 5 computers

* The K9 Koordinator software is a web based and cloud based software. Our annual technical support plan offers you full support for technical issues, questions, and upgrades.

** In the LITE version the customer "Delete" feature is disabled. Customers can be set to "Inactive," but they will still count towards the 600 client maximum.

*** Our NET version fits most medium pet care businesses. We recommend our Corporate software for large facilities with 5 or more workstations, or businesses requiring high-stress or complex systems.