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K9 Koordinator Groomer: Management software for pet grooming services
K9 Bytes® provides groomers with innovative solutions to streamline your business. Easily manage scheduling, grooming service information, pet and customer information, and point of sale services. We listen to our customers, just like you do, to provide you a the best software product. Get the tools you need whether you are a small, large, or mobile groomer. Try our product today to see what features we can offer your pet business.


Software Track Record

The K9 Koordinator has been carefully developed to meet your pet grooming business needs. Our software has been carefully tested to meet the needs of pet groomers. We offer a product that can be customized to your specific needs.

Who can use the k9 Koordinator Groomer?

K9 Koordinator Groomer is designed for pet grooming service providers only. Our users include grooming shops, individual groomers, and mobile groomers. Our application is scalable to the size of your business. If your grooming business provides boarding, daycare, pet training, or other pet care services we offer the K9 Koordinator for Pet Resorts.

Is the K9 koordinator easy to use? Some sample tasks

The K9 Koordinator has a user friendly interface that takes the guess work out of using your pet grooming software. Following are some demos of common tasks using K9 Koordinator:

  1. How to search for a client?
  2. How to book a grooming reservation?
  3. How to determine availability?

Also, check out a brief list of general capabilities of the system.

K9 Koordinator Groomer Versions

K9 Bytes® offers 3 versions of the K9 Koordinator Groomer management software. Our scalable applications work for your size business, number of employees, and specific budget. For smaller businesses we offer the LITE version, for medium to large businesses we offer the PRO or NET version depending on how much capability you need. Note that you can always upgrade from one package to the next one as your business grows. For current K9 Koordinator Groomer prices please visit our online store.

Version Capabilities Comparisson
K9 Koordinator Version Grooming* Mobile Grooming Unlimited Groomers Credit/Debit Card Processing (1) Retail Other Pet Care Services (2) Unlimited Customers Unlimited Computer
Groomer LITE - Limit to 600 Customers** Only 1 License*
Groomer PRO - Only 1 License*
Groomer NET -
  1. Additional Hardware might be required depending on the processing options. For prices check our online store.
  2. Other pet care services refer to boarding, daycare, pet training, and similar features available only in the K9 Koordinator for Pet Resorts.
  3. In the LITE version the customer "Delete" feature has been disabled. However, customers can be set to "Inactive," but they will still count towards the 600 limit.
  4. The K9 Koordinator software can only be installed on one business network.