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The Hunter: Report Cards and Pet Behavior Tracking

Hunter is a complete application for report card generation and pet behavior tracking. Learn how your pet is doing and how the pet responds to the pet care provider with this handy informational tool. K9 Bytes® is the FIRST software company in the pet care industry to provide customized email-based report cards and a software tool to keep track of pet behavior.

Report cards are a great way to provide daily, weekly, or monthly feedback on pet progress. Convey to your customers that you offer quality care, skill, and trust. Promote customer trust and confidence by providing information about feeding, medications, activities, and pet behavior. Using report cards can help you deepen customer relationships, involve them in daily pet care, and help staff to recognize patterns in pet behavior.


Print report cards or send emails to multiple pets with just one click.

Hunter screenshot

Set up unlimited numbers of behaviors and activities to track over time.
Report cards can be created daily, weekly, monthly, or between any two dates.
Tag behavior comments, feeding, or medication logs with different privacy levels. Select which information is sent to customers.

Hunter screenshot

Behavior track logs can be classified in to create behavior logs.

Hunter screenshot


Attach a picture using a webcam to each log if desired. Since the logs have a time stamp and employee id, you can monitor when and who created each one.

sample report card