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Software Addons
The following are software modules that attach to our other software packages.

Payment Integration

K9 Bytes accepts major credit cards and debit card payments through a credit card module. Integrating your payment system with this module allows you to securely store credit cards on file to use with frequent customers, reservation deposits, and more.

QuickBooks Up-link

Manage payroll, accounting, and tax filing through K9 Sky with QuickBooks. QuickBooks lets you assess the strengths and weaknesses of the financial side of your business, saving you time and money.


Track pet behavior and generate report cards with Hunter. Report cards can be customized to your business and can include information about the daily performance of pets as well as interactions with the pet care provider.  Report cards are also an excellent way to communicate weekly, monthly, or even daily with customers. 


Pet Tracker 

Print collar identification bands for pets with our Pet Tracker application. This collar identification system for pets helps you to track and best care for pets who use boarding and daycare. Customize your collar designs, colors, and sizes as well as the information shown in them. 

Electronic Signature

The electronic signature module is a digital signature system that stores a customer's signature on contracts and other documents. Stored document can be organized in an easy to use retrieval system. Reduce excess paper and streamline your data storage system.

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Biometric Manager

Fingerprint scanners are a great way to simplify the lives of you and your employees. It’s common for an employee to forget their password. Do you spend all your time resetting employee passwords? Why not employ a system that doesn’t involve any of these headaches? It’s as simple as walking up to the desk, and setting their finger on a pad. The fingerprint scanners also serve as a digital time clock to simplify the process of keeping track of employee attendance; no more manually adding hours.

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