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Kennel Software for Pet Daycare, Boarding and Grooming Businesses

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Boarding Software

The boarding service has two main components: Reservations and the Check In & Out process. Our biggest priority is efficiency and ease of use. We understand that employees who take reservations want to focus on making a sale rather than being preoccupied with questions regarding details of the day to day operation of the kennel.  


A very common service in the pet care industry is pet or doggy daycare.  Daycare is popular among customers because their pets socialize, get healthy entertainment, and exercise while they go to work. 
Our kennel software management suite offers full support to all types of daycare services.


Grooming is a major part of our pet care management software packages. With direct feedback from many pet grooming shops around the nation, we offer a complete solution to any type of grooming services you might want to offer: small grooming shops, large grooming kennels and pet resorts, mobile grooming, and others.

K9 Kloud
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Online Reservations

The K9 Kloud is a state-of-the-art online kennel booking & reservation management system for the pet care industry. The reservation system uses innovative technology to enable pet owners to research, plan, and book boarding appointments over the internet. 

Ease of Use - Web Based - No Software Hassle

The K9 Kloud is 100% web based so there is no software to download and install. Best of all, you can access and manage your reservations anywhere, anytime, and on any computer!  Your clients can log in to your online cloud kennel reservation system, create an account, and book reservations.

Cost of Savings 
cloud kennel reservation software

Online kennel reservations are very convenient, as they take little time to book and little effort to manage, which then can reduce your overhead costs. It will back up all your business data and store it securely in an offsite location. You will benefit from our most updated hardware infrastructure without having to implement and administer it directly.

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